Centech make a Static Pass box designed to minimize traffic and cross-contamination between two areas; and at the same time transfer parts, tools, products, WIP etc. from one area to another area.

Double-walled SS 304 / CRCA Powder Coated construction with glass view panels, SS handles, hinges & gasket.

A pass box is one of the clean-room systems, which is used to transfer materials from one side to another in a controlled environment to avoid airborne cross-contamination. The interlocking door mechanism of a pass box is its prime feature. When one side’s door opens the opposing side’s door remains closed. A static pass box is placed only between two clean-room areas and has no air supply or exhaust. It is sometimes referred to as a passive pass box and is equipped with ultraviolet / UV light. It is widely used in microbiology laboratories and also in the fields of food, chemical, and pharmaceutical production.


  • High-precision design and finish
  • Robust construction and high durability
  • L Shape Static Pass Box, Static Pass Box and Dynamic Pass Box models
  • Chemical resistant construction
  • Ultra Violet light protection
  • Electro Magnetic interlocking System
  • Low Vibration and Noise
  • Fully custom designed


  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Chemical research laboratories
  • Electronic industry
  • Semiconductor production
  • Food processing industry
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