CPHI Barcelona

CPHI Barcelona, 24-Oct-2023 to 26-Oct-2023

Join us at CPhI Barcelona this year – a pivotal gathering for pharma professionals from around the globe. As part of our continuous commitment to staying at the forefront of pharmaceutical advancements, Equinext is thrilled to showcase our latest solutions and engage in insightful dialogues. Let’s co-create the future of pharma. Visit our booth, connect with our team, and explore synergies together. Your partnership matters to us; let’s shape it, face-to-face. See you in Barcelona!

CPHI Delhi

CPHI Delhi, 28-Nov-2023 to 30-Nov-2023

Experience the fusion of global pharmaceutical expertise with local innovation at CPhI India in Delhi. Equinext is excited to be part of this renowned event, bringing our world-class solutions closer to our partners in the subcontinent. Dive deep into conversations, explore collaborative opportunities, and witness firsthand the advancements we’re championing. India’s vibrant pharma landscape meets Equinext’s pioneering spirit. Join us, let’s craft the future of pharma in India together. Delhi awaits – and so do we.

Maghreb pharma expo

Maghreb Pharma Expo, 05-Feb-2024 to 07-Feb-2024

Reflecting on our presence at this year’s Maghreb Pharma Expo, Equinext extends heartfelt gratitude to all our esteemed clients and partners who took the time to meet with us. Your dedication to seeking out top-tier solutions for your pharmaceutical facilities reaffirms our commitment to excellence. Witnessing our collaborative energy transform into tangible solutions was a highlight for us. Thank you for trusting in Equinext’s expertise and for allowing us to be a part of your journey. 

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