The electrical panel will be of :

  • Metal clad, cubicle, indoor, free standing type.
  • Made up of the requisite vertical sections, which when coupled together shall form continuous dead front electrical panel.
  • Dust and water jet protected, the degree of protection will be IP – 55 (Category – 2) as specified in IS-8623.
  • Readily extendable on both sides by the addition of vertical sections after removal of the end covers.
  • Single front construction with the circuit breaker feeder suitable for operation from the front of the panel.
  • Cable entries can be bottom / top as required to the site condition.
  • The sheet steel cubicle is designed in fully segregated multi-tier formation. Each cubicle has hinged front access door with easy operation fasteners. All the doors and covers are heavily gasketed to make the compartment dust tight. Each cubicle has a covering at the bottom to make a dust and vermin proof construction. Door hinges shall be of concealed type.
  • The cubicle is minimum 2mm thick sheet steel. Sheet steel shrouds and partitions are minimum 1.6mm thickness. All sheets steel works forming the exterior of panel are smoothly finished, levelled and free from flaws. The minimum thickness of gland plates shall be 3 mm.
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